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Coconut Chicken Sauce
Step 1 : Wash and chop the chicken breast into small sizes, season with salt and pepper or any seasoning of choice…
February 4, 20181525 viewsChicken, Healthy, Main Dish, Sauces And Soups
Crispy Fish Pie (Pastel)
STEP 1: The Dough Recipe 1. Put the flour in the bowl. 2. Add the salt and sugar, then mix. 3. Add…
January 25, 20182593 viewsDessert, Snacks And Finger Food
Red Velvet Pancakes
These pancakes were really delicious and fluffy. This recipe makes about 7 pieces of pancakes. 1. Sift flour into a bowl, add…
December 11, 20171131 viewsBreakfast, Pancakes
Sweet And Spicy Chicken With Couscous
1. Wash the chicken fillets, season with onion powder, garlic powder, salt and white pepper. Chop the bell peppers into large chunks,…
December 5, 20171221 viewsChicken, Dinner
Step 1 : Slice the ripe plantain in a circular shape. Insert 4 sticks of spaghetti into the already sliced plantain. Step…
September 1, 2017928 viewsLunch, Pasta
Chinese Fried Rice
This recipe was shared by @biggestfoodie (IG handle), with an addition or two here. Check out the updated recipe here 1. Add…
August 31, 20171054 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Rice
Tomato and Salmon Pasta
1. Marinade diced salmon with the shallots, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt and pepper, lemon juice and chillies. 2. Cook pasta as…
August 29, 20171010 viewsDinner, Main Dish, Pasta
Yam And Catfish Pepper Soup (Yam Pepper Soup)
1. Clean and wash your fish, ,marinate catfish with cinnamon, black pepper, seasoning cube and salt for 3 or more hours. 2.…
August 28, 20171458 viewsDinner, Main Dish, Sauces And Soups
Spicy Sausage And King Prawn Sauce
Recipe from Cooking With Rad Economist Blog 1. Start by putting in all your mixed vegetables and diced onion into your pan…
August 28, 2017774 viewsDinner, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish
Porridge Plantain
Step 1 : Wash and peel off the back of the semi ripe plantain and boil, adding half litre of water. (Slice…
August 25, 20171088 viewsDinner, Main Dish
Nigerian Basmati Fried Rice
In a pot with tight lid add 3 and half cups of water and bring to boil. Mix in bouillon cube, half…
August 23, 20171612 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Rice
Donkwa / Dakuwa (Corn And Peanut Balls)
How to make Donkwa Donkwa is a spicy snack that is made from majorly cornmeal and groundnut/peanut powder and has its origins…
August 23, 20174041 viewsBrunch, Snacks And Finger Food, Starter
Pasta With Creamy Corned Beef Sauce
This corned beef sauce is super easy, takes very little time to make and makes a great sauce for pasta dishes. 1.…
August 21, 20171183 viewsPasta
Jollof Spaghetti
Prep: ​Clean and blend together tomatoes, bonnets (with seeds for extra spice), onions and garlic. Deseed and dice bell peppers and set…
August 16, 20171024 viewsDinner, Pasta
Spicy Seafood Pasta
Prep: ​Chop onion.  Finely chop garlic.  Chop parsley.  Chop Basil. Chop scotch bonnets (with or without seeds).  Cook pasta according to its…
August 16, 20171042 viewsLunch, Pasta
Homemade Crispy Fried Chicken
How to make crispy fried chicken. 1. Wash the chicken. 2. Add all the spices (garlic powder, ginger powder, cayenne pepper, ground…
August 15, 2017935 viewsBrunch, Chicken, Party Food, Side Dish
Bitter Leaf (Onugbu) Soup
How to make Onugbu soup:  1. Wash the cocoyams without peeling it off and cook till it is soft. Take it down,…
August 14, 2017912 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups
Vegetable Sauce (Local)
How to make Local Vegetable Sauce:  This process is super quick and easy and it’s a nice option for boiled plantain, yam…
August 13, 20171684 viewsDinner, Sauces And Soups
Ofada Stew (Ayamase)
How to make Ayamase Ofada Stew  This is also known as Nigerian Pepper Stew 1. Wash the beef and tripe, season with…
August 10, 20171961 viewsRice, Sauces And Soups
Cotton Seed Soup
How to make Cotton Seed Soup Cotton seed soup is not very common but it is a delicacy in the South Southern…
August 8, 20171414 viewsSauces And Soups
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