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Delicious Homemade Jelly Doughnuts
How to make Soft and Fluffy Doughnuts This recipe makes about 15 to 16 doughnuts. The jelly adding comes at the last…
August 6, 20186541 viewsBreakfast, Brunch, Snacks And Finger Food
Turkey Stew Recipe
This tomato and pepper based turkey stew makes the perfect pairing for rice, pasta or any meal. This recipe makes a size-able…
July 17, 201820147 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish, Stew
Easy, Four Ingredient Fish Roll Recipe
If you need a simple, no fuss delicious fish roll recipe with a light, crispy crust and deliciously soft insides, make this.…
July 17, 201818174 viewsBreakfast, Brunch, Snacks And Finger Food
How To Make Nigerian Fish Roll
If you need a fish roll recipe with a tender, crisp, slightly flaky crust and deliciously soft insides, MAKE THIS!. This recipe…
July 17, 201823136 viewsBreakfast, Brunch, Snacks And Finger Food
Groundnut Soup Recipe
How to make Groundnut Soup This soup is best eaten with swallow meals; eba, fufu, pounded yam…e.t.c. For a peanut/groundnut sauce that…
July 15, 201853127 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups
Scotch Eggs
This recipe makes 7 scotch eggs. For other similar recipes, check out this Nigerian egg roll recipe. Step 1. Boil the eggs…
July 11, 201817208 viewsBreakfast, Snacks And Finger Food
Pancake Wrap
This recipe makes two large wraps or 4 medium wraps. As mentioned earlier, I made two different wraps with different fillings. The…
July 11, 201819156 viewsBreakfast, Main Dish, Pancakes
Peanut Chicken Sauce
This delicious and flavourful peanut sauce pairs wonderfully with rice or pasta. You can also use the sauce as a dip for…
July 10, 20186883 viewsLunch, Side Dish
Egg Wrap
This easy, healthy egg wrap is perfect for breakfast, serve with fresh bread and any beverage of choice. This recipe makes 2…
July 10, 201821656 viewsBreakfast, Healthy, Main Dish, Side Dish
Peppered Plantain With Egg, Fish And Turkey Sauce
Peppered plantains are basically just fried plantains tossed in a pepper sauce. I paired with egg sauce but you can eat it…
July 5, 20186332 viewsBreakfast, Main Dish
Plain Okra Soup With Stew
This is the Yoruba style okra soup that is served with a tomato and pepper based stew. The stew can either be…
July 3, 20189089 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish
Coconut Jollof Rice Recipe
I made coconut jollof rice here, this is an updated recipe. Make the toasted coconut milk Step 1. Break 1 large coconut,…
July 2, 201811837 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Rice
Peppered Ponmo
Peppered ponmo, made from cow hide/cow skin is a Nigerian delicacy that is eaten as a snack with a chilled beverage or…
June 25, 20188581 viewsBrunch, Lunch, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish, Starter
Coconut Chicken Curry
This is the Nigerian version of chicken curry, often served in some Nigerian restaurants. For other chicken curry dishes, check out this…
June 25, 201814839 viewsDinner, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish, Starter
Egg Sauce
Egg sauce, also called egg stew or stewed eggs, is simply beaten eggs that is poured in a fried tomato and pepper…
June 19, 20181416 viewsBreakfast, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish
Spicy Coconut Rice
Although this dish is called “spicy” coconut rice, it actually didn’t turn out hot or spicy. The peppers blended in nicely and…
June 19, 20182765 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Rice, Side Dish, Vegetarian
Agidi Jollof
Agidi Jollof is basically wet raw pap or wet corn flour / corn starch that is steamed in a tomato and pepper…
June 18, 20182246 viewsBreakfast, Side Dish
Yamarita Recipe
Yamarita or battered yam is basically cooked yam that is dipped in eggs, coated with flour and then fried.  It is very…
June 18, 20185857 viewsBreakfast, Side Dish, Snacks And Finger Food, Starter
Locust Bean Stew
Fermented locust bean packs quite the delicious flavours when used in stews or porridge dishes. The flavours you’d get if you used…
June 12, 20182757 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups, Stew
No Bake Yam Frittata
This is a no bake frittata recipe, all you need is a good non-stick frying pan or skillet. This recipe is pretty…
June 11, 20181586 viewsBreakfast, Main Dish, Side Dish
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