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Step 1 : Slice the ripe plantain in a circular shape. Insert 4 sticks of spaghetti into the already sliced plantain. Step…
September 1, 2017932 viewsLunch, Pasta
Spicy Sausage And King Prawn Sauce
Recipe from Cooking With Rad Economist Blog 1. Start by putting in all your mixed vegetables and diced onion into your pan…
August 28, 2017779 viewsDinner, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish
Chicken Gizzards With Sweet Peas
Step 1: Wash the chicken gizzards properly. Put it in a pan and then add salt, onion, and water. Let it cook…
August 25, 20171600 viewsDinner
Porridge Plantain
Step 1 : Wash and peel off the back of the semi ripe plantain and boil, adding half litre of water. (Slice…
August 25, 20171095 viewsDinner, Main Dish
Nigerian Basmati Fried Rice
In a pot with tight lid add 3 and half cups of water and bring to boil. Mix in bouillon cube, half…
August 23, 20171629 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Rice
Donkwa / Dakuwa (Corn And Peanut Balls)
How to make Donkwa Donkwa is a spicy snack that is made from majorly cornmeal and groundnut/peanut powder and has its origins…
August 23, 20174079 viewsBrunch, Snacks And Finger Food, Starter
Pasta With Creamy Corned Beef Sauce
This corned beef sauce is super easy, takes very little time to make and makes a great sauce for pasta dishes. 1.…
August 21, 20171192 viewsPasta
Chin Chin
How to make delicious Nigerian Chin Chin Chin Chin is a popular Nigerian snack. It is sweet, crunchy (when it cools after…
August 7, 20171983 viewsBrunch, Party Food, Snacks And Finger Food
Coconut Pancake
Combine sugar, salt , flour, coconut flour and baking powder in a clean bowl and mix well. In a separate container mix…
August 2, 20171042 viewsBreakfast, Pancakes
Baked Almond Balls (Healthier Alternative To Kuli Kuli)
Preheat the oven at 200 degree or gas mark 6 for about 10-15 minutes. Spread the almond and sprinkle with salt on…
August 2, 2017924 viewsHealthy, Snacks And Finger Food, Vegan, Vegetarian
French Fries With Chicken
How to make French Fries and Chicken, also known as Chicken and Chips Step 1 : Peel off the bark of irish…
July 28, 2017978 viewsChicken, Party Food, Snacks And Finger Food
Plantain Puffs
How to make Plantain Puffs This recipe makes about 15 pieces of plantain puffs 1. Mash the ripe plantain with a fork..…
July 26, 2017931 viewsBreakfast
Easy Chicken Curry
1. Season chicken with salt, a little chilli powder and curry powder, add enough water to get at least 2 cups of…
July 24, 20171928 viewsChicken, Healthy, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish
Fluffy Pancakes Recipe
How to make fluffy pancakes This recipe makes about 7 pancakes 1. In a bowl, sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda,…
July 19, 20171031 viewsBreakfast, Pancakes
Rice And Beans With Chicken Stew
How to make Rice and Beans with Chicken Stew 1. Season the chicken with a little onions, chilli powder, curry powder, salt,…
July 18, 20171101 viewsLunch
Chicken Sauce And Rice With Mashed Eggs
How to make Chicken Sauce With Rice And Mashed Eggs Step 1 : Cook the chicken after seasoning with onions, Cameroon pepper,…
July 18, 2017945 viewsChicken, Lunch, Main Dish, Sauces And Soups
Easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie
How to make an easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Add all the ingredients into a blender (the yoghurt serves as base), and blend…
July 17, 2017885 viewsBreakfast, Drinks, Healthy
Akara Pancake
How to make Akara Pancake This recipe makes about 6 pieces of large sized akara pancake Akara pancake is also called pankara…
July 17, 20171445 viewsBreakfast, Brunch, Healthy
Delicious Homemade Puff Puff
How to make Nigerian Puff Puff Puff puff is otherwise called Bofrot in Ghana, Beignet in other parts of Africa and also…
July 4, 20173529 viewsBreakfast, Dessert, Snacks And Finger Food, Vegetarian
Fried Rice
How to make Fried Rice 1. Wash chicken and add to a pot, add 2 seasoning cubes, salt, curry, thyme, onions and…
June 7, 20171318 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Party Food, Rice
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