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Noodles Peppersoup
PREPARATORY PROCESS : Step 1 : Wash the sliced and cleaned fish thoroughly using salt and warm water. Then use a knife…
July 13, 201814926 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Noodles
Beef Gravy
PREPARATORY PROCESS :STEP 1 : Wash the beef, season with onions, thyme, beef seasoning, nutmeg and Cameroon pepper and cook until tender.…
June 22, 20187466 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups, Side Dish
Fruit Salad
Step 1 : Wash the watermelon and simply slice into your desired shape.  Here I decided to make a triangle upside down…
February 12, 20181178 viewsDinner, Healthy, Salad, Starter
Rice And Vegetable Stir-Fry
Step 1: Parboil the rice by precooking in a boiling water for 5 minutes then wash the rice with cold water. Step…
February 5, 2018761 viewsContests, Rice Contest
Coconut Chicken Sauce
Step 1 : Wash and chop the chicken breast into small sizes, season with salt and pepper or any seasoning of choice…
February 4, 20181527 viewsChicken, Healthy, Main Dish, Sauces And Soups
Puff Puff Preparation
Step 1 : Sift flour to a dry bowl, add nutmeg, yeast, salt, dried / powdered milk, baking powder, sugar and mix…
February 3, 20182041 viewsParty Food, Snacks And Finger Food
Zobo Drink A.K.A Hibiscus Sabdariffa
Step 1 : Add 5 litres of water to a pot and allow it to boil. Step 2 : Wash the zobo…
December 30, 20171349 viewsDrinks
Egusi Soup
Step 1 : Add a cooking spoon full of red oil (palm oil) into an empty pot and heat up. Immediately mix…
November 4, 20171044 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups
Beef Coconut Sauce
Step 1 : Marinate the beef with garlic, seasoning and chilli pepper and set it aside. Step 2 : Slice all the…
October 31, 20171002 viewsBreakfast, Sauces And Soups
Goat Meat Pepper Soup
Step 1 : Wash the goat meat and put it into a pot, add onions, cameroon pepper or chilli powder, and maggi…
September 29, 20171518 viewsSauces And Soups
Step 1 : Slice the ripe plantain in a circular shape. Insert 4 sticks of spaghetti into the already sliced plantain. Step…
September 1, 2017932 viewsLunch, Pasta
Porridge Plantain
Step 1 : Wash and peel off the back of the semi ripe plantain and boil, adding half litre of water. (Slice…
August 25, 20171095 viewsDinner, Main Dish
Ogbono Soup
Step 1 : Cook the whole meat and fish that you intend to use with maggi cube, pinch of salt, onions and…
August 21, 2017978 viewsLunch, Main Dish, Sauces And Soups
Peppered Grilled Plantain And Fish
Step 1 : Wash the peel of the semi ripe plantain, run a knife on the body, apply salt ( optional )…
August 8, 20171384 viewsBrunch, Dinner, Snacks And Finger Food
Okro Soup
How to cook Okro Soup Step 1 : Wash and slice the okro into small sizes. Step 2 : Cook the whole…
August 2, 20171749 viewsLunch, Sauces And Soups
French Fries With Chicken
How to make French Fries and Chicken, also known as Chicken and Chips Step 1 : Peel off the bark of irish…
July 28, 2017978 viewsChicken, Party Food, Snacks And Finger Food
Chicken Sauce And Rice With Mashed Eggs
How to make Chicken Sauce With Rice And Mashed Eggs Step 1 : Cook the chicken after seasoning with onions, Cameroon pepper,…
July 18, 2017945 viewsChicken, Lunch, Main Dish, Sauces And Soups
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