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Agidi Jollof


Raw Pap
1 Wrap
Locally called ogi or akamu. My one wrap yielded 1 1/2 cups in powder form. You can substitute with corn starch.
Blended Tomato, Pepper And Onion Puree
1 1/2 to 2 Cups
Smoothly blend tomato, pepper and onions together. Actual ratio of tomatoes to pepper depends on you. If you like spicy foods then you can use more pepper. You can use any type of pepper you want. I blended with one onion
1 Tablespoons
Beef Bones
Any Quantity
Also called biscuit bones. You can also skip the bones and just use beef instead. This way, nothing goes to waste. If using beef, cook and chop into small pieces or use minced beef.
Palm Oil (Optional)
3/4 Tablespoons
If you want the agidi to have a rich colour, then palm oil is the thing to use. Otherwise you can skip
Vegetable Oil
2 Tablespoons
Salt and Maggi Seasoning Cubes
To Taste
You can use any beef seasoning cubes
Beef Broth Or Water
3/4 Cups
You can get the beef broth from the beef bones. Actual quantity depends on how thick you want the agidi to be
Banana Leaves or Uma Leaves
For Wrapping. You can substitute with aluminium bowls or ramekins

Preparation mode:

Agidi Jollof is basically wet raw pap or wet corn flour / corn starch that is steamed in a tomato and pepper base and then wrapped in leaves or put in a bowl to solidify. It is usually best served warm.

This recipe makes 4 wraps.

Step 1. Put the beef bones/soft bones into a pot, add a little water, season with salt or seasoning cube, ground pepper, garlic powder, white pepper, a pinch of curry powder and thyme or any spice/seasoning of choice.

Step 2. Cook until you get a very rich broth/stock. Set the bones and stock aside.

***Don’t add too much water when boiling the bones so the broth will be as rich and tasty as possible.  1 to 2 cups is fine.

Step 3. Add both palm oil and vegetable oil to a pot, heat up, add the chopped onions and fry for about 2 to 3 minutes.

***Don’t add a lot of oil, a couple of tablespoons is enough.

Step 4. Add the blended tomato and pepper puree, stir, let it simmer for about 3 minutes then season with ground pepper, salt and seasoning cube.

***I seasoned mine with just pepper, salt and seasoning cube but you can add any seasoning you want. Be careful with whatever seasoning you choose to use otherwise it may overwhelm the overall taste of your agidi.

Step 5. Stir and cook until the stew/sauce is done. You can add your stock/broth to supplement on liquid if you find the stew drying up. Cook until the sauce is done and tasty with no hint of sourness.

Step 6. Add the raw pap to a bowl. If it is whole, break it until it is in powder form. Then add some lukewarm broth or water to it and mix until you get a smooth, watery but thick paste. Actual quantity of water or broth you add here depends on how thick you want the agidi to turn out, Don’t add too much water so your agidi won’t turn out too light or soft.

Meanwhile prepare your leaves or whatever you will be using for wrapping.

***I used the broth from the beef bones because i wanted it tasty enough. If you are using water, add salt or seasoning cube to your raw pap so it would be a little tasty.

Step 7. Pour the whole liquid pap mixture into your sauce.

Step 8. Lower the heat and continuously stir it until everything is combined. The pap will start to thicken almost immediately you pour it into your sauce so be on alert and don’t stop stirring it so your agidi is as smooth as possible with zero lumps. See 3rd picture for what it looks like at this point.

Step 9. Immediately it thickens, switch off the burner and bring it down.

Step 10. Then immediately wrap up the agidi with the leaves or put it in a bowl and leave it in a warm area to set and form. Don’t forget to put your bones or cooked chopped beef inside the agidi as you wrap.

***If you aren’t familiar with the wrapping process, just google “how to wrap moi moi in leaves”.

Step 11. Once your agidi is set and has formed, unwrap it from the leaves and serve.

I served mine with peppered ponmo, you can eat alone, serve with pepper soup or chilled garri.