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Delicious Healthy Zobo Drink


Zobo Leaves
400 Grams
Also known as Dried Roselle Flower, Sorrel or Hibiscus leaves
Fresh Ginger
3 Pieces
Pure Ground Ginger
1.5 Tablespoons
40 Grams
About 6 to 8 pieces. Locally known as Dabino
200 Grams
About 3 large round slices or 2 cups of chopped pineapple
Apple (Optional)
1 Large Pieces
For extra flavour

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How to make Zobo Drink

Zobo drink is a healthy red coloured beverage and a definite option for those who are health conscious. It is also known as Roselle juice or Carribean Sorrel Drink.

This recipe makes about 8 glasses of zobo drink

1. Peel and chop the ginger into large sizes and set aside. Peel off the pineapple if you haven’t already and set aside. Soak the dates in hot water to soften. Once it softens, remove the seeds inside and set aside.

2. Wash the zobo leaves in water thoroughly to get rid of sand and dirt. The water will immediately turn red, don’t be concerned. After washing, drain the water off the leaves.

3. Transfer the washed leaves to a pot, add enough water to cover the leaves and boil on high heat. Boil for about 15 minutes then add the ginger pieces. Add more water and boil on medium to high heat (more high than medium) for about 30 minutes then add the ground ginger powder and boil for another 15 minutes.

4. Taste the juice. Since no sugar has been added, don’t expect it to taste sweet but if it tastes leafy and raw, it means the leaves still needs more boiling. So keep boiling. But boiling for a total time of about 50 minutes to one hour should ensure that the leaves have been boiled sufficiently.

5. Bring down the pot, drain the red liquid off the leaves into a large bowl. There should be pieces of fresh ginger left in the pot. Put the red liquid back in the pot with the ginger and cover the pot. Don’t boil, just set it aside.

6. Chop the apple if you will be using one, transfer the chopped apple, pineapple, softened dates to a blender, add water and blend until smooth.

7. Take out the pieces of ginger left in the zobo juice, then add the blended pineapple, dates and apple to the zobo juice. Adding the pineapple juice as the last step enhances the taste of the zobo. Boil for about 5 minutes then bring it down and sieve the drink using a fine sieve. Sieve a couple of times to be sure that there are no particles left and you have only pure juice/drink.

Your Zobo Drink is ready. At this point, it doesn’t taste sweet since no sugar has been added. Zobo can be served hot in the form of hibiscus tea but for a much better experience, zobo drink is best serve chilled. So chill and add sugar as desired.



There are two ways you can add sugar to your zobo drink. You can add sugar to sweeten once and for all when you add the blended pineapple or you can add sugar individually to each cup as you serve.

Adding sugar reduces or may even entirely take away the health benefits of the drink. Some people drink it without any sugar but without any sweetener, zobo drink may not appeal to a lot of people because of its sharp, tart taste. So add honey or any other healthy sweetener when serving.

The water to leaves ratio determines the colour of the drink. For the rich deep red colour, use more leaves. For a lighter coloured zobo drink, use more water when boiling.

If well refrigerated, zobo drink can last up to a week or even more.

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