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Fried Yam (Dun Dun)


Vegetable Oil
For frying
Bouillon / Seasoning Cube (Optional)
Curry Powder
Very little. For seasoning
Chilli Powder (Optional)

Preparation mode:

Dun Dun is a Nigerian street food and it is basically a cross between boiled and fried yam.

1. Cut and wash the yams.

2. Drain the water, season the yams with salt, maggi cube, curry powder, chilli powder (or you can season with just plain salt, depending on your taste and personal preference). Let it sit for about 30 minutes but this is optional.

3. Add some vegetable oil to a pot, let it heat until hot.

4. Add water to the seasoned yams , then add the yams including the water to the vegetable oil. Be careful when you do this because the oil will sizzle very loudly and spatter everywhere.

5. Cover the pot and let it cook-fry until done.




For the ratio of vegetable oil to water, the quantity of vegetable oil you use should be more than the water, otherwise the yam will cook (you get boiled yam) instead of cook-fry.