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No Bake Yam Frittata


1 to 2 Cups
Chopped into small cubes and boiled until done. Quantity depends on how much yams you want in the frittata but a cup of cubed yam is a good place to start or end.
5 Pieces
3 Pieces
Chopped. Use less if you don't like tomatoes in your eggs
Red Chilli Pepper
1 Pieces
You can substitute with any other type of pepper, use more if you want it spicy
1 Pieces
Diced. Use more if you love onions
You can season your eggs with anything you want. I seasoned mine with salt and Knorr chicken seasoning cube, a pinch of chilli powder, onion powder, white pepper and a pinch of curry powder.
Oil Or Butter
For Frying
Leafy Greens (Optional)
A few tablespoons
Chopped. You can use any leafy greens of choice; fluted pumpkin leaves (ugwu), spinach, kale..e.t.c

Preparation mode:

This is a no bake frittata recipe, all you need is a good non-stick frying pan or skillet. This recipe is pretty simple and basic, made with only tomatoes, pepper and onions but feel free to be merry with yours and add any kind of filling you want. You can also substitute yams with plantains or potatoes (fry them first).

Step 1. Break and beat the eggs thoroughly, add in the cooked yam cubes, chopped tomatoes, pepper and onions. Stir everything together.

***Make sure your cooked yam is chopped into very small cubes if not it might cause the frittata to break off and split open later.

Step 2. Season with the seasonings mentioned above or any seasoning you want.

Step 3. Add oil or butter to a pan, heat up, add in the egg mixture, make sure it is well spread out in the pan and on low heat, let it cook until the edges are cooked and solid. Sometime in between, add in the chopped leafy greens as toppings.

***Alternatively, instead of mixing the tomatoes, pepper and onions in with the eggs as done in step 1, you can fry them first separately until fragrant. Then pour in your seasoned eggs and yam. It’s more tasty and flavourful if you cook it this way.

***Don’t cook on high heat otherwise your eggs will cook too quickly and the insides will remain uncooked. 

Step 4. Once the edges are cooked and solid, very carefully flip to the other side without the frittata breaking off.

***Since the fritatta is very thick at this point, it would take some skill to flip to the other side without it breaking off. If you don’t have a large spatula, get a very large round plate. Then carefully but quickly slide the frittata on to the plate with the uncooked side facing up. Once it slides on to the plate, quickly flip/transfer the frittata back into the pan with the uncooked side facing down.

Step 5. Cook until done. Cook time depends on how well cooked you like your eggs. Some prefer it a bit runny but I like mine very well done.

Done. Your Yam Frittata is ready. Transfer it carefully to a serving plate without it breaking and slice them like pizza. Serve while hot/warm.